2017 CFP | 2016 SHE

SHE: Women, Power and Politics
A one-day festival to Southern California Women
March 25, 2017

The Studio for Southern California History is proud to announce a call for proposals for the second annual one-day festival on March 25, 2017 to be held in Fontana at the beginning at 12:00 pm (noon) and ending at 9:00 pm. SHE will include workshops, a curated gallery space, film screenings and an organized poetry reading.

The contributions of everyday women to the formation of Southern California remain glaringly underrepresented in histories and media representations.

Women are the makers of the world, whether paid or not. This festival is dedicated to the experiences of Southern California women in an effort to let women describe themselves.

We are seeking proposals for poetry, films, art, workshops related to the exhibit's theme: Women, Power and Politics. The Proposal should consist of the following items:

A completed Proposal Cover Sheet (your name, contact information, title of piece.

Description of Art, Poetry, Film, Workshop: One - two paragraph description including size of object or length of poem. If you are proposing a workshop, how does it relate to the exhibit and who is your intended audience.

Artist(s) Biography/Resume not exceeding one typewritten page.

Artist’s Statement concerning the exhibit and the artwork. How is your piece is reflective of the exhibit's themes?

Are you available to attend March 25 to participate in a panel about your work?

Please email your proposal by February 1. Email your proposal to pleasureperil@gmail.com. Acceptances will be announced February 14. Artwork will be on display for one day only. We will be setting up the March 24 and taking down on March 26. You need to be able to drop off or pick up your artwork on these designated days.

This is the second SHE festival; the first was in Santa Ana, California and is archived online at http://www.lahistoryarchive.org/SHE/index.htm.